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In House Lab Edging Services

Patternless Lens Edger
LE-9000SX/LX/EX/DX Series

le9000* Choice of three skeleton colors or standard models (optional, limited quantity).

Harmony among Beauty and Advanced Technology


  • Automatic Chamfering & Grooving
    NIDEK's SX series of patternless edgers provide automatic chamfering and grooving, with a multidisk arm that grooves and chamfers in one operation.
  • Wider Grinding Wheel
    The 20% wider, more durable grinding wheel has an improved carriage that facilitates grinding of even thicker lenses at greater speed.

  • Flexible and Versatile
    The LE-9000SX/LX series edgers can process any type of lens material, including glass*, plastic, polycarbonate and acrylic lenses.
    *Except model PLB, which is recommended only for use on plastic.

  • Built-in Tracer*
    The edger incorporates a tracer into the main console and achieves the smallest footprint in the world.
    *SX/LX series only.

  • High Speed, High Precision 3D Tracing*
    The edger provides precise tracing in all three dimensions. Unlike die plates, the edger finishes even highly curved frames with greater accuracy.
    *SX/LX series only.

  • Fully Automatic Measurement of Patterns and Dummy Lenses*
    The LE-9000 automatically measures frame, pattern and dummy lenses, and at completion of the operation the measuring pin returns to its housing.
    *SX/LX series only.

  • Dual Tracing System*
    As both sides of lenses are traced with high accuracy, a perfect fit is possible even when there are subtle differences between right and left lenses.
    The frame PD is automatically measured, eliminating the need for manual measurement and input.
    *SX/LX series only.

  • Low-Pressure Active Control Stylus*
    Accurate tracing is accomplished at low pressure, eliminating frame distortion and disengagement.
    *SX/LX series only.

  • Mirror Polish
    LE-9000's "Mirror Polishing" produces mirror-like lenses.

    Mirror Polish Finish

    Bevel Mirror Polish Finish

    lelens1 lelens2